Off-White's mismatched shoes are the dumbest idea of 2020

The brand really thinks you should be wearing a derby shoe and a sneaker simultaneously.

Off-White Black and White Half Half Sneakers

We can't imagine a situation that calls for one buffed dress shoe and one Air Force 1-style sneaker. It would be a footwear choice for a goof and not in an endearing or so-daring-it's-stylish way. And yet, Off-White has gone ahead and offered just that.

Virgil Abloh and Co. have created a pair of mismatched shoes that includes a black leather derby with a sneaker's sole. It's paired with a white, no doubt about it sneaker — giving the option of "Why not both?" to anyone podiatrically confused. Even if the bizarre derby/sneaker hybrid was paired with a matching shoe, it'd still be a monstrosity. We're all for challenging the norms of dress attire, but this ain't it.


What else is going on here? — Both shoes have a baby blue midsole, which is particularly jarring when sitting beneath the derby. An arrow swath is stitched on both shoes' lateral side, another strange sight when it comes to a classic dress silhouette, and a bright red heel tab on the sneaker adds to the contrast between shoes.

Off-White's signature zip-tie is affixed to the derby and made up in a marbled black and white plastic. It may be the only thing that comes close to classy with this pair of shoes.


Would you dare? — Tracy McGrady is the one and only icon of mismatches shoes, as he wore one red and one blue version of his signature Adidas sneaker at the 2004 NBA All-Star Game. You, however, are no T-Mac — and this takes the idea to a more bewildering place.

But should you insist on adopting this perplexing combo, you can scoop up the pair at Ssense for a lowly $605. If you're that in need of a roasting, I'll come over and pick apart your fit for half the price.