Oakley's wild Overthetop sunglasses are back for $7,000

First debuted at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

If Ato Boldon is remembered for something other than winning Wilver during the 2000 Summer Olympics Men’s 100-meter dash, it’s for the Oakley shades he wore during. Aptly named Overthetop, the sunglasses with a cyborg-like design broke just about every mold for eyewear at the time. Now, you have a shot at scoring the legendary frames.

When the Overthetop made a return in 2020, it was a super limited, one-time-only release. A mere 20 pairs of its “Precious Mettle” makeup exist worldwide. Each pair came with a unique serial number to represent its exclusivity and importance in history, and edition number 16 out of 20 is now up for grabs via Justin Reed.

Justin Reed

An Oakley masterpiece — When constructing the frames, Oakley used the original, retired 2000s mold. Instead of two arms that hug the sides of your head, Overthetop fits exactly as the name suggests. By sitting on top of your head, it eliminates too much bounce from running, alleviates pressure points, and doesn’t slide off with sweat.

The limited-edition re-release replaces the original chrome finish with a golden hue that melts into silver around the lenses. Frames are made of 100-percent O Matter, Oakley’s heat- and cold-resistant material that’s 25-percent lighter and two times stronger than normal acetate. Prizm technology also updates the lenses to allow for more color enhancement and contrast in your field of vision.

If you’re a sports historian, memorabilia collector, or just a lover of really incredible eyewear, the Oakley Overthetop is still up for grabs through Justin Reed’s consignment shop. You’ll have to dish out $7,000 for it, but what did you expect? Over the top sunglasses require over-the-top prices.

Justin Reed