This completely vegan sneaker is made from used party balloons

The “Nuven” silhouette is also water repellent and super flexible.

Undo for Tomorrow

As the sneaker industry aims to produce more eco-friendly designs, brands are releasing vegan, recycled, and even mushroom-made footwear — but every sustainable design seems to translate to boring, all-white sneakers. Now, Lisbon-based brand Undo for Tomorrow is looking to change that narrative with its completely-vegan “Nuven” shoes, which boast a multicolored sole thanks to discarded party balloons.

Launched via crowdfunding site Indiegogo, the sneakers have gained international support from over 600 donors, with many commenting on how they liked the sneaker’s diverse shade offerings. While Undo For Tomorrow only offers four simple tonal shoes — including, yes, an all-white iteration — that’s more than most brands, including sustainability leader Adidas, can say. Even more color is brought to the sneaker through its recycled rainbow balloon outsole.

Practical features rivaling typical silhouettes — Patrick Dohmann and Pedro Mello, co-founders of Undo for Tomorrow, created the vegan shoes to change the way people look at “trash.” Through their sleek “Nuven” sneaker, they wanted to prove that recycled and upcycled materials are just as worthy — if not better — than new ones.

Undo for Tomorrow

Dressed in suede, the shoe’s upper is made of recycled plastic with a water repellent coat, making it practical for any type of weather. Rubber outsoles, made up of discarded party balloons and tire leftovers, add slip resistance and unbelievable flexibility — campaign imagery shows off the sneaker’s ability to twist nearly all the way around.

More stretchable rubber, ethically sourced from the Amazonian rainforest, can be found on the toe cap. The material molds to your feet with use, adding durability and ensuring a perfect fit. For further comfort, a foam midsole keeps each step lightweight, while practical features only continue inside the shoe. A lining, made of 100 percent bamboo, acts as an antibacterial and helps with odor control.

Undo for Tomorrow

Be the first to cop — The vegan shoes have yet to launch officially — but that means you can grab one of the first pairs available, and at a discounted price. With a donation of $88 to Undo for Tomorrow’s crowdfunding campaign, consumers can receive a pair of the suede sneakers in their chosen color of white, tan, dark brown, or black. If you’re dedicated to the vegan silhouette, though, you can also choose to buy two, three, or all four pairs of the “Nuven” shoe at an even greater price reduction. All pairs will ship later this year in August.

With a slew of practical and eco-friendly features, the sneakers are close to selling out — their preorders are limited — and it looks like Undo for Tomorrow has proven its point: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.