Vans’ hit ‘Handshake’ Notre sneaker reminds you of all your favorite drinks

Espresso, matcha, and tea color schemes come to the OG Style 36 LX.

Notre Vans OG Style 36 LX Matcha

Chicago-based clothing and sneaker boutique Notre is bringing back its hit formula for Vans collaboration.

For the third time, Notre is bringing its handshake Jazz Stripe to a low-top Vans silhouette. Whereas previous collaborations consisted of the run-of-the-mill Old Skool, this time the vintage-inspired version of the sneaker from the known as the OG Style 36 LX is up for re-interpretation with a theme of hot beverages.

The OG Style 36 LX will receive espresso, matcha, and tea-themed color schemes — the latter of which takes inspiration from blue and white porcelain cups. While the tea variant comes with crisp colors, the espresso and matcha versions come in slightly faded and look as if they were dyed using the very drinks they were influenced by. Each is super tasteful, and the return of the partnership brings the chance to purchase one of Vans’ best collaborations from in the past five years.


The significance of the Jazz Stripe — Notre and Vans previously teamed up in 2018 and 2020, both times outfitting the Old Skool with its iconic Jazz Stripe altered to feature a pair of shaking hands to invoke a sense of community. When the two partners first linked, Notre was one of five global retailers to partake in the project — but the acclaim for the boutique’s tasteful take has now allowed for the collaboration to stand on its own.

Vans’ Old Skool originally released in 1977 as the Style 36 and was the brand’s first sneaker to feature its now signature Jazz Stripe. The OG Style 36 LX sees the shoe hit with vintage construction inspired by the ‘60s, and Notre’s take on it sees the upper constructed entirely out of suede.

For now, Notre has only announced its Vans collaboration will drop on February 3, with more release details to come. You’ll want to keep your eye out for how to get it because it’ll be hard to top these Vans for the rest of the year.