Noah and Adidas make a case for old-school running gear as the ultimate look

Spearheaded by an exclusive sneaker made for Noah.

Noah Adidas FW21 Collection

Noah and Adidas are continuing to deliver on their year-old partnership with running gear cemented in the aesthetic of the past. Both apparel and sneakers, including a new silhouette exclusive to Noah, are designed for more casual runs or leisurely moments that call for the comfort of sportswear. And if you’re looking for a break from the neons that define most contemporary athletic attire, this capsule is where to find it.

Leading the footwear lineup is the Noah Vintage Runner, a sneaker created just for the NYC menswear brand and with an upper pulled from a vintage track spike from the ‘80s. The fuss-free sneaker comes in either green and yellow or a tonal brown variant, color schemes that would have fit in well during the ‘70s and will work great as part of a fall fit today.

Coming in as a more advanced running sneaker is the Noah Lab Race, which maintains the old-school color treatments while stripping Adizero tech to its most basic elements.


Old-school cool — Embodying Noah’s love for making familiar garments with unexpected materials is a green corduroy set of a track jacket and shorts that brings an elevated sense to athleisure. A grey turtleneck with three stripes down the sleeves bridges a sporty and handsome look, while Adidas’ classic Beckenbauer tracksuit looks like a treasure found digging in a vintage store.

Co-branded T-shirts and hoodies see Adidas’ Trefoil logo adopted within Noah’s core logo and with color blocking to set them apart from your usual basics. Completing the collection is a navy beanie and three-pack of socks, accessories to provide the final touch to your fall and winter fits.

“I’m not a technical person,” Noah co-founder Brendon Babenzein told Input last year upon his brand’s debut with Adidas. “My shoes are the most technical thing I own because there’s no way around that. After that I run in really basic stuff, and what we did was marry technical stuff like recycled nylons and polyesters, but it all feels regular. It doesn’t feel high-tech. There are a lot of people I meet who say they don’t want that stuff unless they’re racing.”

Noah and Adidas’ latest collaboration is slated to release next Thursday, November 18, through Noah’s website and physical stores. You’ll also be able to scoop it up through Adidas’ Confirmed app as well as its own website in select regions.