Nike’s new ACG’s Moc 3.0 is a quilt for your feet

The shoe you wear around the campfire — or just at home.

Nike ACG has released a new colorway of the Moc 3.0, its cozy sneaker designed for leisure in the great outdoors. The quilted ripstop slip-on arrives in “Cargo Khaki” and “Oil Green” for a military-inspired look. But that doesn’t mean wearing them is a Spartan endeavor. The thick, speckled midsole features Solarsoft cushioning, which usually appears in Nike’s slides and is comfy as hell.

Your house shoe, upgraded — Overachieving indoor-outdoor shoes are having something of a moment right now. The Japanese brand Subu is becoming well known in the states for its winter sandals, which come with a down-filled upper and have a four-layered insole for a quick jaunt to the bodega. The North Face’s Thermoball Traction Mule strikes a similar cord and were completely sold out when I hit the SoHo flagship in NYC a few weeks ago.

Consider the ACG Moc 3.0 a more stylish, more flexible option. Since the shoes were made for the campsite, they’re more than equipped for you to putz around the house. But with their sharp design, no one should bemoan you if you extend their life to include your daily activities.

Join the cozy cult — You can cop the ACG Moc 3.0 over at End Clothing for $95. Slip them on and see how hard they are to take off the rest of the winter.