Nike’s SB Dunk sneaker may get a rainbow-themed Polaroid makeover soon

Take a picture, it’ll make the shoes last longer.


There are certain shoes that just work well when it comes to collabs. One of which is the Nike SB Dunk Low, which has seen its fair share of creative makeovers. This time around, the shoe is getting an unexpected upgrade courtesy of the photography giant Polaroid.

Living for the moment — Official images haven’t hit the net yet, but a leaked Instagram image shows a version of the SB Dunk Low that’s definitely Polaroid-infused. The sneaker sits on a thick white sole that bleeds into the heel of a black upper, a color scheme that no doubt nods to the elements of a roll of film. A rainbow graphic, representative of the photo brand’s multi-color logo replaces the main Nike Swoosh in shades of blue, orange, and red. The insoles split the rainbow in two, also contributing to the signature color palette. Polaroid and Nike SB branding hit the tongue and insoles, donning the two’s logo in white.

Polaroids have always been a staple in capturing moments in time. The company was responsible for two-thirds of the U.S. instant camera market in the 70s, making its 2001 bankruptcy that much more depressing when iPhones entered the game. Thanks to Millennials and Gen Zers, nostalgia proves its power once again and Polaroid is on the come up.

Since its dip in value at the turn of the century, Polaroid has lent its name and aesthetic to a few brands, including Keith Haring, Fendi, and Disney. Whether it’s to upgrade their ever-popular instant and film cameras or provide a canvas for brand photography, the company hasn’t lost its touch since its birth in 1937 — and now, with an SB Dunk on the way, it’s bound to touch some more hearts.

Polaroid has linked with Puma and Teva on an RS sneaker and Original sandal, respectively, in the past, making its Nike partnership a potential release for early 2022.