Nike’s ‘Great White Shark’ SB Dunk sneaker is the catch of the season

Made in collaboration with Swedish skater Oskar "Oski" Rozenberg.

Nike SB and Swedish skateboarder Oskar "Oski" Rozenberg are teaming up on a Dunk High for the second time, once again channeling the ocean’s greatest predator. And just like the macropredatory fish, catching the sneakers may prove to be an exceptional challenge.

The Dunk High “Great White Shark” follows the lead of 2019’s black “Oski Shark” with a Swoosh that’s transformed into a detailed patch of the namesake predator. This swap is the sort of thing you typically only find on bootleg (or custom) sneakers, but Nike has gone all out for one of the most exciting young skateboarders in the sport.

An all-white color scheme largely leaves the great white to stand out on its own, but there are also a few finer detailers worth appreciating. Red stitching for the midsole channels the minuscule amount of blood it’ll take to attract the shark, while silver trim appears at the edges of the eyelet. Oski’s name also appears in red on the tongue patch, and inside you’ll find a repeat shark face graphic printed on the insole.


The search is on — The Nike SB x Oski “Great White Shark” Dunk is an Orange Label release, which means the only place to find it is through locally based skate shops. Most of these shops are limiting the release to locals, but Michigan-based Premier is one of the few that’ll let anyone in the U.S. enter its raffle.

In a sneaker culture that’s largely overrun with bots and resellers, skate shop-exclusives bring a rare chance to even the playing field while harkening back to the original days of the Dunk’s reigns. Back in the early aughts, you had to do some digging to get a hold of the Dunk of your dreams, and wearing a pair said more than that you’re willing to pay a premium to put the kicks on your feet.

The “Great White Shark” Dunk is slated to release March 12 for $120, and you’ll want to check in with your local skate shop to see if they have stock.