Nike's Offline mules are perfect for your 'do nothing' lifestyle

A shoe for unwinding.

Nike Offline mules top-down view

Nike is taking a pause from its instruction to "Just Do It" with the brand-new Offline mules. Inspired by the mental health benefits of unplugging, Nike is seeking the same effect for your feet. The slip-on "anti-sneaker" is intended for moments of leisure and includes interchangeable midsoles for different sensations.

The first midsole, Sensation 001, comes with strategically placed nubs in a bid for a "massage-like" experience. Sensation 001 features a greater volume of nubs so that the mules can be more comfortably worn throughout the day. Exaggerated, exposed foam padding on the tongue provides more comfort, while a cushioned strap helps to find the optimal fit.


The Mulement — Mules are enjoying a smaller surge in popularity, adjacent to the rise in sandals for men. The slip-on shoes are a more casual (and sometimes sexier) alternative to sneakers, which may be needed for those suffering from sneaker fatigue. Diversifying your footwear lineup can only lead to more fun, and taking the risk with a pair of mules is a fast track to freaking it.

Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas of Highsnobiety's The Dropcast podcast have been at the forefront of the #Mulement with a niche Instagram account called Mule Boyz. Their championing of the cause and exposed heels lead to a collaboration with Diemme on a sneaker-like silhouette.

Technically, the rise in popularity for Birkenstocks and Crocs can also be included in the Mulement. Both brands have been stacking up collaborations with streetwear and proper fashion labels. The trend was already on an uptick, but the need for casual, comfortable attire during the pandemic only boosts the cause.


Go online to get offline — Nike's Offline will release August 28 through the SNKRS app and its European counterpart SNEAKERS, as well as select retailers. For its debut, the Offline will come in a tonal white version and another in black and white with neon accents. Fingers crossed more color treatments are on the way, because the mulement should be here to stay.


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