Nike's latest React sneaker is here to keep you cozy during winter

The new React Vision is warm and comfortable.

The original Nike Epic React Flyknit is still one of my most comfortable sneakers, but the upper is so thin I have to put it in the reserves for winter. Now, Nike is expanding the React family with a new silhouette that solves that very problem.

More than meets the eye — The React Vision is winterized sneaker featuring the ultra cushiony technology. The mesh upper may not look equipped for the colder months, but underneath it is neoprene liner to keep your feet cozy. It's sneaky, and it avoids the bulk that can plague other winterized kicks. It also offers up proof that you don't need to go for a full hiking sneaker in the winter. I'm a hiking kicks devotee, but ya gotta have options.

While borrowing design elements from the React Element 87 and 55, the most noticeable deviation comes from the extended heel support. It's kind of an eyesore in the colorful "Vision" colorway, but I like that way it's toned down in the "Triple Black" version. You also won't have to fret about beating up the latter, and I hypothesize road salt on these puppies might actually be a look.

Cop away — You'll be able to purchase with ease, as the React Vision is heading for a wide release next month in stores like Footlocker. Pricing is set at $140. As someone exhausted by our hyped sneaker reality, this is a bangin' general release that can be worn every day. At the end of the day, or beginning, I always come back to the silent sauce while my Off-White's have gone unworn for longer than I'd care to admit.