Nike's 'League of Legends' capsule features a flashy Air Jordan 1

Four teams from China will also wear Nike jerseys at the World Championship.

League of Legends Air Jordan 1

In July, a retro video game-inspired Nike Dunk signaled the brand beginning to wade deeper into the world of gaming. Little did we know, Nike would soon be making a much bigger splash; the Dunk is just one of seven sneakers planned for a League of Legends capsule.

Leading the charge is an Air Jordan 1 designed to look like the World Championship trophy. The resemblance is minimal, but the shoe's upper has been made with a reflective leather to appear different under various lighting. Instead of being stitched on as a swath of leather, you'll notice that the Swoosh is indented — a first for an Air Jordan 1. The most overt reference to League of Legends is on the right tongue, where a graphic references the game's Summoner’s Rift map.


There are still five more sneakers — Along with the Dunk, five other "Good Game" Nike sneakers will make a broader appeal to gamers. The range will also include the Air Force 1 Low and High, Air Max 90, Air Max 270 React, Joyride Dual Run 2, and Air Max 2X. Each will feature either an iridescent or pixelated Swoosh, red and blue gradients, and the pixelated "Have a Good Game" graphic that references the "Have a Nike Day" slogan.

The sneakers will be accompanied by a small run of merch that incorporates the same imagery. Both a longsleeve shirt and hoodie feature pixelated Swoosh with patches affixed, and a T-shirt bears the full "Have a Good Game" graphic.


Nike's outfitting LoL teams, too — This collection is expected to release around the same time as the League of Legends World Championship, where Nike has been confirmed to outfit at least four teams. Top Esports, JD Gaming, Suning, and LGD — all from China — will wear Nike Dri-fit jerseys, as well as "Conquest" jackets that incorporate both LoL colors and the team's own branding.

League of Legends has also attracted attention from the high fashion world, with Louis Vuitton creating a special trunk to house the World Championship trophy beginning last year. Months later, the French luxury house unveiled a full-fledged LoL capsule that put a stripe motif over the brand's iconic monogram pattern. On the more accessible end was a range of Louis Vuitton skins made available in-game.

So yeah, you could say that gaming has seen its profile raised. And League of Legends seems to be the torch bearer.