Nike’s ‘hands-free’ Go FlyEase shoe gets a clean, all-white makeover

Let’s hope they can actually get on the feet of those who need them.

Care to slip into a shoe that’s all about accessibility and comfort-first? Well, that’s the idea with Nike’s revolutionary Go FlyEase shoe, which is getting a fresh, white look.

A shoe that does the work — The latest version is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing with clean shades of Sail and pearl white. Soft mesh uppers and black insoles provide a snug fit, and the Sail and black split sole allows for some extra support.

As opposed to Nike’s original FlyEase sneaker, which boasted a simpler lacing system and non-constrictive materials, the Go version is the first shoe designed to be completely hands-free. It maintains this by essentially snapping in half with the help of a tension band and a hinge. The user steps into the shoe when they’re ready to go, making the shoe lock into place, and then steps on the heel when they want to take it off, unfolding it again.


Do better, Nike — While the sneaker isn’t quite the self-lacing wonder from the Back to the Future 2 movie (although that invention did come into existence), it is a game-changer for people with disabilities. But even so, Nike has faced criticism for the shoe’s $120 price tag and poorly planned release strategy that left out many in the disabled community.

It also doesn’t help when the hypebeasts swoop in and buy the shoe for themselves, too lazy to tie their own shoes. Resellers still have certain sized pairs listed upwards of $1,000, while the majority land in the $150-300 range. With the Go FlyEase facing the same challenges as other sneaker releases, like resellers and limited quantities released by Nike, it’s unfortunate to imagine that those who truly benefit from the shoe won’t be able to find out for themselves.

The shoes haven’t hit Nike’s website yet, but hopefully the brand has learned from its past mistakes. This shoe solves a big issue for a widely underrepresented community; if only they were as easy to get as they are to put on. Here’s hoping everyone who needs, or wants, a pair can get one.