Here are the Nike Dunk sneakers dropping in 2022

From the iconic basketball shoe to the SB Dunk Low, Mid, and High skate sneakers, there’s no shortage of the chunky silhouette next year.

Men's Nike 6.0 High Tops Dunk sneakers worn with bright blue jeans
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As everyone sets their sights on a new year, there are a few Nike Dunk sneakers in particular that are pretty eye-catching — though with recent COVID complications and supply chain mishaps, many await an official release date. Here are some of the Women’s Exclusives, retros, collabs, and general releases coming in 2022.

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Ladies first.

Nike has been stepping up its Women’s Exclusives, prepped on mostly pink and neutral color schemes. Women don’t have much equal footing when it comes to Dunks, but there are a few gems in the category.

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