Nike made an Air Max 95 shoe with cargo pockets for all your extra needs

The “Surplus Supply” is here to make military wear sexy again.

Nike Air Max 95 ‘Surplus Supply’

With the weather warming up, people are eager for outdoor relief from quarantine. Brands are gearing up too, releasing products that are both fashionable and functional. We’re not totally convinced we’d want to scuff up Nike’s latest offering though. The Swoosh debuted a new iteration of its Air Max 95 dubbed “Surplus Supply,” nodding to the shoe’s added cargo pocket. Yes, even sneakers have pockets now — and get used to it.

Thanks to Travis Scott’s collaborative Jordan 6 sneaker, pockets on shoes might go mainstream. The rapper’s design boasts both zip-up and button-up pockets on its sides, making storage possibilities endless — so long as what you want to carry is smaller than the palm of your hand. If you’re in need of more storage options on your sneaker, though, you can check out Takashi Murakami’s all-black Porter sneaker, which sports five removable pouches and essentially acts like cargo pants for your feet.

With utilitarian gear trending — possibilities to that aside — pockets on shoes are set to be the next biggest footwear fad. Although not as practical as they seem, the sneakers look cool — and that’s all that really matters, right?

Walking storage unit — That said, Nike’s newest Air Max 95 looks dope. Similar to Travis’ AJ6, the sneaker comes dressed in cargo-inspired themes with a pretty neutral makeup. Multiple shades of olive green decorate the silhouette’s signature stripes, while an array of textures add dimension. Starting bottom up, a velvety dark olive suede covers the mudguards and toe caps, contrasting an accompanying gray corduroy panel. The sneaker’s stripe layers are made of thick canvas and sit next to a mesh gridded panel that keeps eyelets secure.


The cargo pocket itself is relatively simple, positioned atop the tongue with white canvas tabs and black military-style graphics. Only appearing around three inches, the pocket is perfect for carrying around keys, credit cards, or non-military approved natural delights, if you catch my drift.

Rounding out the utilitarian sneaker, a miniature Swoosh graces the tip of the toe, sporting a hi-vis orange color. The same shade also decorates the Air Unit, a touch that likely references the bright interior of the iconic MA-1 flight jacket.


Pocket the sneaker — With so many contrasting textures in green and gray shades, Nike really nails trending outdoor styles. Even for someone who hates camo print and military-like designs, I’m hoping I can cop a pair for leisurely hiking excursions.

As of now, the Surplus Supply Air Max 95 is only set to release in Asia on Nike’s webstore March 19. Given the sexy soldier vibes though, this shoe is as American as it gets, and we’ll be expecting a stateside release soon. Until then, we’ll be conspiring about just how much we can fit into those teeny pockets.