How to get Nike's incredibly hyped Jordan 1 x Trophy Room 'Freeze Out'

The boutique from Michael Jordan's son, Marcus, will be raffling off the chance to purchase a pair. Yeah, good luck with that.

Trophy Room Air Jordan 1 "Freeze Out"

Trophy Room, the Florida sneaker boutique owned by Michael Jordan's son Marcus, has finally confirmed the release details for its glittery Air Jordan 1. And in doing so, it's also revealed details on the sneaker that hadn't previously been seen.

The official nickname for the sneaker is the "Freeze Out," which coincides with the newly revealed blue laces that read "Rumor has it..." As the story goes, Jordan's first All-Star Game Appearance during his rookie year was marred by veteran teammates from his conference who decided to freeze him out of the game by not passing to him. You better believe Jordan "took that personally" — and his son Marcus is helping him to continue airing his grievances more than 25 years later.

Now that we know the backstory, it explains the decision to pair the "Chicago" color scheme Jordan wore in the game with an icy blue outsole. Underneath the semi-translucent sole, a series of stars take inspiration from the 1985 All-Star logo — as does a special graphic on the shoe's box.

Part of a wider collection — Along with the coveted kicks, Trophy Room and Air Jordan will release a small apparel capsule that commemorates the '85 All-Star Game. Short-cut basketball shorts reference that year's ASG uniform, while a T-shirt features a photo carefully cropped to show only the chains around Jordan's neck when he finished second in the Slam Dunk Competition.

As for the "rumor" of the freeze-out, the idea is for you to decide its merits. The Air Jordan 1 will come with two sets of laces — a standard black and the aforementioned blue "Rumor has it" joints. Whichever you choose can be used to signal which side of history you fall on, and the same text appears on the sneaker's insole.

Trophy Room

Let's talk about another rumor — Trophy Room's Air Jordan 1 has just now been confirmed for a February 10 release, but we've already seen resellers show off vast hordes of the unreleased kicks.

This greed-driven accumulation is a common sight ahead of high-profile sneaker releases, and it's a practice Nike — as well as other sneaker brands — have failed to stamp out. While journalistic standards prevent us from affirming how exactly so many "Freeze Out" Jordans got in the hands of resellers so early, it's a well-known fact that boutiques often sell off their stock to friends in a phenomenon known as "back-dooring."

If Trophy Room did in fact "back-door" some of its stock, the raffle format would be an efficient way for it to cover its tracks. Only 12,000 pairs of the sneakers will release for $190 each, and however much the odds may be stacked against you, you'll be able to enter the raffle through Trophy Room's site from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. E.T. on February 10.