One of Nike's most water-resistant shoes is on sale right now for almost 50% off

Plus, a Nike ACG jacket that you need to complete the winterized look.

Nike ACG is one of the brands we cover most here at Input for good reason. The sub-line's specializing in gear for "All Climate Conditions" continues to be one of the most creative sources of output from Nike, even after the departure of Acronym's Errolson Hugh as creative director at the end of 2018. His replacement has been James Arizumi, who previously shook things up at Nike SB and has since taken ACG from a source of dark and drapey techwear into a more retro-inspired direction.

Under Arizumi's direction, Nike ACG has become more colorful and less abstract in its approach to versatile outdoor gear. It's not that one of them is better or worse — although it's hard to take anyone over Hugh — it's just that ACG has been distinctly different over the past two years. And within that time, there's been no shortage of nature-ready apparel to drool over.

Two such items worthy of our admiration are currently on sale, and we'd be remiss not to pass on the steals to you. A Gore-Tex-equipped jacket and a still-fresh pair of sneakers that prevent water logging are now available at sweet discounts of approximately 50 percent.

The kicks — On the discounted footwear front is the Nike ACG Zoom Air AO, a brand-new silhouette that just debuted in July. The laceless sneakers are made for hikes that may bring you in contact with water and look to one of Nike's tactical boots for its water-dispelling properties. Taken from the SFB Jungle is a series of drainage ports that sit inside the midsole. Underneath, a ventilated outsole also helps get rid of any lingering water — a feature that was taken from the much-heralded Air Kukini 2003.

Because you're going to risk slippage with such confrontations with water, the Zoom Air AO utilizes sticky rubber on the outsole for additional traction. And as the name suggests, Zoom Air provides one of Nike's newest cushioning systems.

Nike still hasn't put the Zoom Air AO up for sale, but Slam Jam has for an ultra-tempting (and also very nice) $69. That's 45 percent off the original price of $125, which was already a bargain compared to ACG's other gorpy footwear.

The jacket — When water is going to rise from your feet into a larger issue for you to deal with, this Nike ACG jacket made with Gore-Tex will keep your top parts dry. The wind-resistant, waterproof jacket is made of 100 percent recycled polyester to stack up sustainability points and features a beefy 3-piece hood system to protect that thing that sits atop your neck. On the sleeves, you'll find zippered vents to increase airflow if needed, and two pockets are also secured with Gore-Tex to keep your prized possessions dry.

This ACG piece eclipses the 50 percent mark for its discount, taking it down to less than $200 from its original $400 price tag. That's a great price to pay for the rainy days ahead, and you may just get the added benefit of looking like a steezy safarier thanks to the khaki color scheme.