Take a virtual reality tour of Nike ACG’s latest outdoor collection

The digital experience might be the closest you’ll get to a vacation right now.

Nike’s All Conditions Gear is revolutionary when it comes to outdoor gear. The brand’s division focuses on sustainability, practicality, and of course, exploring nature. But in a time where travel is limited, it can be hard to test out whether Nike’s gear is really “all conditions” or not — so the brand has partnered with Spanish retailer SVD to bring consumers closer to real interactions between the ACG line and nature.

Expanding on Nike ACG’s "Location Based Design" creative process, SVD is transporting consumers online to Crater Lake, a natural lake and national park in Oregon. Nike’s creative team has travelled there this season to test out the brand’s spring ACG collection, and is now inviting customers by way of virtual reality.

Explore nature and Nike’s collection — The virtual experience, dubbed “An ACG Platform for the Digital Explorer,” is delivered through VR glasses, which allow the consumer to enter an immersive digital landscape developed in collaboration with international specialists in 3D design, augmented reality and creative campaign direction. Los Angeles-based creative studio PLAYLAB, INC. assisted with the artistic and narrative creation, London-based architect and artist Adrian Bolog designed and translated the artistic vision of the project into 3D, and 3D garments were rendered by Rendooo, a a Barcelona-based multidisciplinary design studio dedicated to innovative technologies in fashion with a commitment to create new sustainable fashion processes.

Nike x SVD

Nike hopes that this event will bring its community closer to the elements that make up Crater Lake, and the creativity behind its newest ACG collection. When taking part in the experience, users can digitally explore Crater Lake, while also browsing the ACG gear dispersed amongst the terrain.

T-shirts, pants, pullovers, and outerwear like vests and hooded jackets can all be seen hanging around an icy environment. Other parts of the collection, like hiking sneakers, are displayed on rocks or on models standing in a bubble. Design elements such as holographic cones and neon caves are also available for consumers to spelunk.

Check out a preview tour here. Nike x SVD

Spelunk online — While we’d love to test out Nike’s All Conditions Gear in actual conditions, this VR tour is innovative and COVID-friendly. It’s the latest installment we’ve seen in digital fashion, and while these experiences have picked up thanks to the pandemic, we have a feeling they’re here to stay.

To virtually explore both Nike’s new collection and Crater Lake, visit SVD’s website. You’ll be greeted by a guide resembling driftwood, who will help you tour the terrain. It sounds weird, but honestly, is a great break from WFH — and is probably the closest you’ll get to a COVID vacation.

Nike x SVD