This mind-blowing jacket is made entirely out of Puma soccer goalie gloves

Care of designer Nicole McLaughlin, who is working on a new partnership with the sportswear brand.

Nicole McLaughlin Puma goalie glove jacket
Nicole McLaughlin

Nicole McLaughlin, the upcycling streetwear master, has announced her new partnership with Puma in a colorful and inventive way. The artist revealed a one-of-a-kind jacket, made entirely of Puma goalkeeper gloves, on her Instagram account. “Fits like a glove,” the caption humorously teased.

Upcycling, especially in streetwear, has been having a moment. The pandemic has increasingly brought consumer’s attention to the non-sustainable practices many brands use, and now more than ever, people are interested in thrifting, recycling pieces, and shopping sustainably. As such, McLaughlin's work has become highly covetable and, because of its one-of-a-kind nature, somewhat difficult to acquire. We’re not sure what her next pieces for Puma will look like, but if this jacket is any sign, we’re looking forward to creative and unexpected silhouettes.

The gloves are off — McLaughlin's latest creation lands just at the right moment. Varsity and letterman jackets are starting to go mainstream, and the artist’s rendition pays homage to Puma’s football roots. Using a selection of the brand’s goalkeeper gloves — ranging from black and blue to neon yellow and pink — McLaughlin has crafted unique outerwear we’re dying to get our hands on (or in?). Featuring velcro fastenings at the cuffs and hem, the jacket is ripe with color and Puma branding.

Another aspect often seen in McLaughlin’s upcycled pieces is the contrasting panels and textures that help make the coat so statement-making. In making sustainable fashion, the artist doesn’t see design as a casualty of protecting the environment. “Sustainability doesn’t have to look so plain and beige,” she told Input in an interview last year. “I really love to consider the design first. When we think about sustainable brands making things, or we’re introducing a sustainable line, it doesn’t sound very exciting or sexy. I’m trying to find a way to make it interesting.”

Certainly, McLaughlin has succeeded in making her work alluring. We’re anticipating her collaborative capsule with Puma to sell out quickly — her coveted pieces are limited to small batches, making them even more exclusive — and we’re hoping we move fast enough to score. After all, this jacket symbolizes keeping a goal, ours being getting a piece of upcycled Puma.

Nicole McLaughlin

Goal in one — As of now, McLaughlin hasn’t shared more of her upcoming Puma partnership, but together the brand and artist will “create unique pieces that highlight the potential of upcycling by using samples, deadstock, and other Puma materials,” according to Puma.

Hopefully, this collaboration brings about more sustainable practices for Puma — it’s a goal McLaughlin hopes for in all her partnerships. Her work is all about circular design, and nothing’s better than sustainability coming full-circle.