New Balance’s dirtied and ketchup-stained 57/40 sneaker is exclusively for dads

The chunky shoe implies a pristine lawn and expert grilling skills.

New Balance is sanctioned as the ultimate maker of dad shoes, so it’s only appropriate for the brand to embrace its reputation through a sneaker created specifically for fathers. Covered in stains and complete with a dirty sole, the “Father’s Day” 57/40 proves every day can celebrate dads, even if their actual holiday took place over a month ago.

Considering fathers typically opt for the same sneaker no matter the day (or occasion), we doubt the delay will affect sales. Besides, dads are no doubt still relishing New Balance’s other Father’s Day offerings: The brand teamed up with Miller Lite to create a massive shoe-shaped koozie called — dad joke warning — a “Shoozie.” Made out of the exact material that graces New Balance’s 624 Trainer, the Shoozie presents fathers with the same comfort and style as the brand’s sneakers, once dads are ready to kick off their actual shoes.

In the name of the father — Embodying the same laidback energy, the Father’s Day 57/40 has been detailed with all-over imperfections. Flaunting a look that implies a pristine lawn and expert grilling skills, the sneaker features a distressed sole unit with grass stains and dirt smears alongside a dirtied upper with tarnished edges. The shoe’s navy “N” branding, as well as its once-pristine laces, have been splattered with red and yellow speckles meant to represent the remains of hot dog toppings.

New Balance

And despite the irony of paying full price for an already worn sneaker — calling back to the parental protest of buying already-ripped jeans — the shoe itself personifies a man who fiercely protects both his beer and thermostat. A double-stacked sole unit provides the chunky look synonymous with old-school dad shoes, while a white base and hits of navy keep things simple for the no-fuss father. Reflective details on the lateral New Balance branding provide practicality should dad start his lawn work at dawn.

For dad or daddy? — True fathers would buy plain New Balance sneakers and let their work show for itself — after all, what would the other dads think of faked grass stains and ketchup splatter? But if you’re hoping to wear this pair ironically, or consider yourself more of a daddy than a dad, the Father’s Day New Balance 57/40 is listed for $149 at select retailers. Happy belated holidays.

New Balance