New Balance releases a three-layer face mask with a moldable nose

Its first public release after producing 1 million masks for the health sector.

Two months after committing to make face masks for the health industry and a $2 million donation toward COVID-19 relief, New Balance has turned to the general public. The brand released its first face mask available for public purchase yesterday, consisting of three layers with a moldable nose piece.

Much like Adidas' offering, it sold out quickly and proved how high demand is for coverings from the sports apparel sector. But considering New Balance was able to produce 100,000 masks a week for healthcare workers, we can likely expect a restock soon. The brand also announced that an "athletics-ready" mask will release in the next few weeks.

New Balance

1 million masks for medical personnel — While announcing its expansion for the general public, New Balance says it has produced more than a million masks for the healthcare industry as part of its relief efforts. A prototype for the personal protective equipment was developed in 12 days, and production for two different models hit 100,000 units per week within a month.

Moving on to the V3 — The V3 face mask is an entirely new design that's non-sterile and optimized for comfort. It's machine washable for reuse and comes in packs of three for $24.99. New Balance has emphasized that the mask is not intended for any surgical or medical use but has been authorized by the FDA as "source control" for the general public.

The inner most layer is made of nylon tricot, which is then covered with polyurethane foam and a third and final layer of polyester suede. Brass makes up the moldable nose piece, while the ear straps are a combination of spandex and polyester.

New Balance

Keep your eyes out for a restock — As we mentioned, the V3 face mask is sold out — which comes as no surprise when necessity has rendered the segment as the accessory of the year. While New Balance hasn't announced when the V3 will restock, it has said that the more athletic version will release in limited quantities in July.