Moschino’s 'baguette' bags look hot and straight out of the oven

Let’s get this bread.

Moschino is a fashion brand known for its outrageous designs. But when someone told Jeremy Scott that baguette bags were trending this year, he took it literally. As part of this season’s drop, Moschino has introduced an array of bakery-inspired bags, including a faux leather purse in the shape of a baguette. Oh, and it costs over $1,000.

The buttery bags have been trending on Twitter, making fashionistas question whether Moschino is really the upper crust of fashion. Heinz Mayo — which for some reason has its own Twitter account — tweeted, “Don’t listen to the haters @Moschino, we love your new clutch. There’s just one thing that would make it better…” Other users agreed, saying the bag would be better edible. It does look remarkably flaky.

Go against the grain — This bag-uette looks like it was just pulled out of the oven, but a gold-plated Moschino label brands the outside to keep you from sneaking a taste. That, and the fact that the bag is made of faux leather and plastic, making it unbelievably stale. A brown lined interior and magnetic seal further distance the clutch from the real deal. Whatever you put into the bag, however, will instantly become its sandwich filling. Scott missed out here by not creating ham and cheese wallets to complete the look.


If the baguette bag doesn’t leave you drooling, try Moschino’s buttery croissant purse. This design actually comes with a chain, so it’s more obvious you’re into fashion and not just carrying around pastries. Fair warning though, pigeons won’t know the difference — carry with caution.

The Italian luxury brand also released other outrageous bag designs, in case you’re gluten-free. Let’s be real, you deserve butter. A slice of pink and yellow birthday cake can be worn on a gold chain, as well as a purse resembling a Moschino pizza box. Meanwhile, a huge clutch in the shape of a lighter will make sure you always have an answer to “got a light?” Perhaps the bread bags are the yeast of our worries.


You knead this bag — Carrying this bag around is more than a statement; it means you’ve got dough. This isn’t a $5 footlong. Now available on Moschino’s website, the baguette bag retails for $1,240, while the smaller croissant purse goes for the same price. So if you’ve got the means, and the appetite, get that bread. Just don’t put your bag down at the grocery store.