Moncler’s iconic puffer jacket is now 100 percent sustainable

And will 100 percent wreck your wallet.

Sustainability seems to be the biggest concern for companies lately, as the pandemic continues to force consumers to reevaluate their shopping habits. While there have been a number of announcements for long-term goals and promises to do better, not many companies have actually pulled through. Moncler, however, is rising to the challenge through a new range of puffer jackets, made entirely of sustainable materials.

Moncler has long been a leader in eco-friendly fashion. The brand has been awarded the title of Industry Leader of the Textile, Apparel and Luxury Goods sector in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices World and Europe for two years in a row, and recently acquired rival Stone Island with a goal to expand Moncler’s sustainable legacy.

Sustainable styles — The new range, called Born to Protect, takes its name from the brand’s sustainability plan laid out last October. Moncler’s extensive proposal includes multiple yearly goals, with a plan to make 100 percent of the brand’s key raw materials traceable by 2023, and achieve carbon neutrality worldwide by 2021. Its sustainable puffers are the first products to make this commitment tangible.


Arriving in an all-black color scheme, the jackets for men, women, and children embody three of the five pillars laid out in the Moncler Born to Protect plan: Climate action, circular economy, and fair sourcing. According to the brand, every material found in the puffer jacket is sustainable or sustainably-sourced.

All fabrics and accessories, with the exception of down, are recycled to ensure a reported 40 percent of carbon dioxide emissions. Even the zippers and buttons are made of Econyl, a sustainable nylon derived from ocean-sourced and land-based waste.


The down is 100 percent DIST (Down Integrity System and Traceability) certified and is a byproduct of the food chain, derived from geese farmed for the purpose of meat. Moncler has used this practice for its down since 2015, and this year is also starting to recycle its responsibly sourced feathers.

Green is gold — Moncler’s new styles make sustainability easy to adopt. With a silhouette for everyone, the new range includes the Nicaise, Gaite, and Dabos models in men's sizes, the Teremba, Lemenez, and Gatope for women, shrunken versions of the Gaite and Lemenz for children, and a miniature Hasan for infants. Each model boasts Born to Protect insignia in red on the upper arm, along with "Born to Protect" embroidered on the sleeve. Inside, the rare Moncler “Monduck” mascot can be seen.


Of course, sustainability comes at a price. The range starts at $410 for an infant’s jacket to $1,900 for the Men's Nicaise. If you’re willing to spend for the styles, or want to try your luck at fitting into the cheapest model, you can shop the full Born to Protect collection on Moncler’s website. In the meantime, I’ll be protecting my wallet.