Moncler's fashionable dog jackets make your pooch look better than you

Designed with love and the finest of materials.


Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend, right? At this point in quarantine, I feel like we’ve definitely reached that stage. My pup is definitely happy for the quality time we’ve had together, but as winter comes, we might not be going for as many walks anymore. Unless… imagine the luxury of Moncler, known best for their soft down coats, mixed with Poldo Dog Couture, a Milan based brand that has specialized in refined clothing for dogs since 2016. Together, the two chic brands have created the poshest puppy wear line ever made.

My dog’s natural coat is no match for Moncler and Poldo’s. The luxury collection, which is part of Moncler’s “Genius” line, features clothing and accessories made with “refined materials” to guarantee only the best for your pup. Because if you’re spending this much on a dog jacket, you want the best and only the best. Trust, Moncler and Poldo are on it — it’s not the first time the brands have worked together. Just last year, the duo teamed up to create doggy vests and raincoats.

Finer than fur — Comprised of nine items, the newest collaboration includes warm, winter-ready items. A waterproof hooded cape comes in orange, green, and yellow shades for visibility, and can be folded up into a small pouch for easy storage. The garments also include a small pocket for any necessary treats or poop bags.


A similar silhouette is offered in a flashy metallic design, great for reflective purposes or stunting on bitches. Equally statement-making, a camouflage puffer vest keeps your dog warm and classy. The outerwear, dubbed the “Mondog,” is also available in glossy shades of pink, black, teal, red, blue, and a matte black. All spotlight Moncler’s signature logo tag on the left corner of the vest and are as practical as a dog jacket can be with pockets and reversible features.

A red, white, and navy striped collar rounds off the collection alongside a matching leash. Both pieces make it clear that any owner walking the dog is just another accessory for them. You can validate yourself with the compliments your dog gets, though.

Your dog wants this — Moncler isn’t the first luxury brand to get into dog wear. Also announcing their doggy fall / winter collection is Prada, which plans to drop a puffer jacket and raincoat for canines. Personally, however, I would go with Moncler over Prada (as if either were an option to me). Though it’ll cost you a bit more, the Moncler x Poldo collab has way more designs to choose from, and they modeled their collection on a diverse group of real dogs who look genuinely happy to be there. We stan.

The collection starts at $280 for the striped collar and goes up to $575 for the ski-inspired Mondog vest. All pieces are now available for purchase online at the Moncler website, so pick one up before it gets cold out or sold out. Just think about how much your dog, which you love more than life itself, will appreciate the look once you wrangle them into these luxe garments. Perfection.