Mizuno preps its sneakers for the trail with Michelin tires

The Wave Mujin TL also comes equipped with Gore-Tex.

Mizuno Wave Mujin TL sneaker from the Gore-Tex Pack

For its aptly named “Gore-Tex Pack,” Japanese label Mizuno has reimagined its Wave Mujin TL sneakers with an outdoor edge. While many of the shoes in its arsenal skew low-key, the upcoming trail sneakers boast elevated performance with Gore-Tex and tire-tough materials.

The Wave Mujin TL, which is in its sixth iteration, swaps its traditional premium leather and suede makeup for a more weather-resistant finish. Ripstop and thermal paneling cover the exterior, while underneath you’ll find Gore-Tex to provide both water- and wind-proofing.


Down below, the outsole is constructed with rubber provided by the tire manufacturer Michelin. Although the sneaker is ideal for trail running, the lines between outdoor-intensive and everyday lifestyle footwear have been blurred for quite a while now. Rubber lugged and sharp-toothed soles provide a solid grip, which comes in handy if you’re on uneven trails or slippery city sidewalks. For energy distribution, there’s also wavy Enerzy cushioning in the midsole.

Ride the wave — The shoes’ visual design maintains a safe distance from other experimental Mizuno runners including the futuristic Wave Prophecy Sorayama and bizarre Enerzy Core. What we have here is more aligned with the likes of New Balance’s cloudy silhouettes. The Wave Mujin TL will release in two colors: a black and white pair and a gray and sage green version.


For those unaware, Mizuno’s history goes back for more than a century. The traditional Wave Mujin TL looks rather unassuming, but its outdoorsy revival is backed by Mizuno’s 110-year commitment to balancing form and function.

Mizuno’s wavy Gore-Tex Pack will release this Friday, August 12, via retailers including Footpatrol and Wellgosh. Whether you’re an avid runner or a jogging beginner, Mizuno is a shoe-in for progress.