Look like Keanu Reeves in 'The Matrix' with official jewelry from 'Resurrections'

Italian brand GUIDI partnered with the fourth film's costume designer.

Even before The Matrix: Resurrections hit theaters in December, the cyber goth aesthetic from the franchise was already rearing its head once again as part of a wider early ‘00s revival. Black leather and silver hardware are the focal point for the look, and Lil Nas X has shown how to do it best not once but twice during his 2020 Grammys performance and his “Rodeo” music video co-staring Nas.

Now that Keanu Reeves and co. have made their triumphant return, there’s no better time to dip back into the fashion of The Matrix. And to help guide you in the right direction, Italian label GUIDI has partnered with Resurrections costume designer Lindsay Pugh to bring both footwear and jewelry from the film into what we like to think of as real life.

Leather boots and silver jewelry worn in the film by Neo, Trinity, (new) Morpheus, and Bugs are available now in limited quantities with prices ranging from approximately $270 to $2,500. Not only are they the ideal components for committed cosplayers going forward, the pieces are also a sleek way to adopt as little or as much of the franchise’s iconic aesthetic into your everyday wardrobe.


Take the red pill — Two pairs of boots are available in both men’s and women’s sizing, the best of which is features an ankle cut with dual-zip fastening and a luring stainless steel heel. Each pair is handmade in Italy out of 100-percent horse leather and, at ~$1,750, is something you can expect to wear for a lifetime.

On the jewelry front, .925 sterling silver is used for unisex necklaces and rings with rough, unfinished character. A link necklace puts together a variety of chains and nails asymmetrically for ~$2,500, while a triple-link ring adds black diamonds for ~$1,500. 100-percent kangaroo leather in black also takes the place of a jewel on two additional rings in the $500 to $600 range, while a bolo tie of sorts sees a silver bead dangling from one end of the leather necklace for $270.

All of the Matrix footwear and accessories are available now through GUIDI’s website and should have you ready to do battle with agents — or at least fit the look.