This smart face mask pairs with your phone and has built-in earbuds

It also features an on-mask microphone and audio controls.

While the U.S. population shows little signs of getting smarter when it comes to COVID-19, we can't say the same about face masks. Maskfone has launched with a face mask that pairs with your phone and is equipped with a built-in microphone, headphones, and on-mask controls. Because the microphone is integrated into the mask itself, it should reduce the muffled sounds that plague calls while wearing a mask.

Maskfone hasn't given the specs for the attached earbuds but says they provide "crystal clear audio" and "powerful bass." To control your phone, you can use either the buttons on the surface of the mask or a wireless remote. A single charge allows for 12 hours of playback, which is reduced to eight if you're using the microphone.


Five layers of filtration — In addition to all of the tech, the Maskfone prioritizes safety. The smart face mask is made with five layers of filtration, including space for a removable filter. It comes with three PM2.5 filters, but is also compatible with N95 or FFP2 filters. Maskfone says you can wear its mask for 200 hours before changing your filter, although that duration does sound a tad gross.

For an optimum fit, the Maskfone comes in two sizes (small / medium and medium / large) and features adjustable neoprene ear loops. Added security comes from a built-in stabilizer.


Available for pre-order — The Maskfone is now available for pre-order from the company's site, with pricing set at $50 for a single mask. A portion of the proceeds for each mask sold will go to the World Health Organization and its fight against infectious diseases such as the very one we're still dealing with.

Maskfone hasn't indicated when it'll begin delivery for its face masks, but hey, it looks like we'll still be needing them for quite a while.