Here's your chance to buy Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's fashion leftovers

Twin with the twins.


From the 2000s fever dream of New York Minute to the first row of designer runway shows, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have proven themselves as style icons. Although their style has gotten more minimal over the years, the duo knows how to make even a groutfit look good. Now, the twins are cleaning out their closet and inviting the public to their second-hand sale.

We started 2020 looking like the fresh-faced twins on Full House, while our current state looks more like the duo smoking cigarettes in trench coats. It’s only natural our clothes should update to that look too. Just because the country is falling apart doesn’t mean we have to... right?

High (priced) fashion — Mary-Kate and Ashley are selling their fashion archive via their label The Row, which makes sense considering its dedication to luxury and simplicity. Unfortunately, The Row is also known for its high prices, which probably applies to the secondhand goods the twins are selling off. Their archive is price on request, meaning, if you’re not serious, get lost. But given the free gallery, we can still afford to peruse the offerings.

Chanel, Haute Couture Navy Skirt Suit with Red Piping c. 1970The Row

Unsurprisingly, many of the items for sale align with Mary-Kate and Ashley’s minimal style. The designer pieces featured, however, definitely hold maximum appeal. A '70s Chanel skirt suit, a 1995 John Galliano dress, and Yohji Yamamoto pants are folded in among silhouettes by Pierre Cardin and Martin Margiela.

Comme des Garçons is also featured heavily in the collection, with a navy cut-out waistcoat, a geometrical skirt with a pin fastening, and a long-sleeved white cotton dress. A select number of vintage Issey Miyake styles, including a 1979 oversized raincoat and a navy double-breasted reversible coat from the 1990s, are up for sale as well.

Comme des Garçons, Navy Cutout Waistcoat c.1986The Row

Looks to last you a lifetime — While vintage fashion has peaked consumer interest in the past year, Mary-Kate and Ashley are more focused on providing people with timeless looks (to accessorize our endless suffering). “For us it has always been part of our vision to sell our collections in ever-changing atmospheres, to consider each location as unique, and to curate what we sell in each [Row] store to enhance the client experience,” said Mary-Kate in an email to Vogue. This collection seems to be the beginning of that vision, and shoppers might be treated to more wardrobe sales in the future. With any luck, the next drop will include more '90s gems and less gray.