Manchester City debuts third kit via Roblox

Win in Roblox Football Rush for a free download or go ahead and buy it.

Manchester City

Manchester City has introduced its third kit for the upcoming season — but in addition to the pitch, you’ll also see it in the metaverse. For the first time ever, the reigning Premier League champions unveiled their Puma kit on Roblox. Within the platform, players can explore and interact with Man City pieces in the Puma and Land of Games experience.

Inspired by Manchester’s historic street art, the jersey features a “Fizzy Light” and “Parisian Night” color palette. Fluorescent green makes up the base of the top, while dark navy lines span across reminiscent of spray paint. The striped design also pays homage to the Manchester Worker Bee, a symbol of Mancunian heritage that represents the city’s working-class roots.

Check it out — Two versions of the physical jersey are available. The Authentic jersey boasts Ultraweave performance fabric and dryCell sweat-wicking technology, making the jersey the lightest and most comfortable Puma has ever made. The Replica jersey is also equipped with dryCell sweat-wicking technology to keep fans dry whether they’re on the field or cheering on the sidelines. Both jerseys are made with 100 percent recycled materials, excluding trim and decorations.

Manchester City

Fans can immerse themselves with the threads further online. Within the Puma and Land of Games experience, users can enjoy a Manchester City reskin of the current lobby and stadium. Community-created merchandise, layered clothing items, and updates to featured activities will also be available. As part of the launch, a portal will open between Man City’s Blue Moon experience on Roblox, giving visitors the chance to earn a free item by visiting both experiences.

For the first two weeks of the kit launch, players who compete (and win) in the Football Rush game in the Puma and Land of Games experience can download a free digital version of the jersey. All other visitors also have the chance to purchase the digital kit in the Puma gear store on Roblox. Those interested in the physical versions of the jersey can find them at Puma stores, Puma’s website, and Man City’s online store.

Only the beginning — Manchester City’s metaverse experience follows another high-tech offering from the team. In collaboration with Cisco, the soccer club created a smart scarf that can measure the emotions of its fans. Dubbed the “Connected Scarf,” the accessory has a chip sewn into the area at the back of a wearer’s neck. The EmotiBit biosensor measures a number of physiological responses like heart rate, physical movement, skin temperature, and electrodermal activity.

The smart scarf makes it possible to analyze how crowds are feeling — as if cheers and chants weren’t enough — furthering Man City’s devotion to its fans. Tech is clearly making it easier for the team to connect with its following, and it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see Manchester City enter the metaverse once more.