Margiela's slipt-toe Tabi shoes are amazing, fleece-covered moccasins

Step into the ultimate comfort.

Maison Margiela may have made not only its most hoof-like pair of Tabis yet, but also its coziest. The French luxury house has released fleece-covered Tabi moccasins to put winter footwear on our minds well ahead of schedule.

If you can live with the feeling of a split toe, which you absolutely should, you may be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable pair of slippers to wear this summer. And seeing as we’re huge proponents of the house shoe here it Input, the thin leather sole shouldn’t be worn anywhere but inside the home.

Black polyester fleece covers both the inside and out of the shoes, making these a lavish treat for your heat in the colder months ahead. They won’t come cheap with an asking price of ~$620, but if you’ve got it like that you can get a leg up on a cardinal flex for lounging at home this winter.

Wrong Weather

A big year for Tabis — Martin Margiela may not have invented the Tabi, which dates back to 15th century Japan, but he was the only designer radical enough to bring the split toe to high fashion. Tabi boots were part of the first look Margiela sent down the runway for his namesake label’s runway show in 1988 and still endure today as the brand’s most quintessential item.

As inextricable as the Tabi is with Margiela, though, it’s still an extremely polarizing silhouette for the western eye (or foot). But that hasn’t stopped the label from doubling down on the split toe and bringing it to an even wider audience this year through Tabi sneakers made in collaboration with Reebok.

Together, Reebok and Margiela have transformed the former’s Classic Leather into a Kim Kardashian-approved, high-fashion sneaker. A painted treatment harkens back to the early days of Margiela, when the brand would slap paint on unsold Tabis from previous seasons out of pure financial necessity. And although the sneaker’s initial run sold out, the daring footwear is now easier to find at retail.

Not everyone is still going to get down with a Tabi, but those willing now have more options than ever.