Margiela turned surgical booties into sexy, luxurious house shoes

The mules we all need right now.

Maison Margiela Surgical Slip-on Mule

If there's one sartorial consequence of the pandemic we're thankful for, it's the increased love for the house shoe. Hyper-casual dressing, while valid, hasn't exactly been titillating — but home-only footwear is a way to spruce up your homewear without overdoing it. Then again, why not totally overdo it by getting something needlessly luxurious for your putters around the house.

Maison Margiela has gone double meta with its newest shoe release, a "Surgical Slip-on Mule." The wrinkled house shoes take inspiration from surgical booties and are another protective offering we wouldn't mind adopting in our lives. Based on the images alone, it's hard to tell what the mules are made of, and we're here to let you know it's nothing but high-quality cloth.

Slam Jam

Slip in — Margiela's new mules appear to be quite minimalist and clinical, but they utilize a lush cloth overlay and suede insole that should feel wonderful against your bare feet. True to form, the surgical shroud is affixed with an elasticized band, covering up a nylon upper. On the heel, a single stitch holds the cover down, a little detail you'll have to appreciate if you're prepared to hear the sticker price.

The Surgical Slip-on Mule will set you back a whopping $530, a price hard to justify even if it were made from the curtains of heaven. But hell, if you've got money to blow what else are you gonna spend it on? A pair of hyped kicks from the resale market to wear to the grocery store and back? A boring bread machine? These mules are precisely the sort of reckless purchase we endorse, and it's only a problem if you can't afford them.

You can scoop up the deservedly glorified surgeon shoes through retailers like Slam Jam and H. Lorenzo. And if you're not sold on the idea of a five Benjamin house shoe, check out our wider roundup of footwear for the home here.

Slam Jam