Louis Vuitton's 'pillow' boots are basically a luxury duvet for your feet

Lazy day drip.

Winter season is cozy season. And this year, brands seem to be getting the message. Just after Telfar announced a plush bag collaboration with Ugg, Louis Vuitton has dropped what’s basically a designer Ugg boot. The luxury brand’s new “pillow boot” looks exactly how the name sounds, and hopefully feels like it too.

Louis Vuitton first debuted the plush shoe during its Spring/Summer 2021 show earlier this year. After establishing hype early, many are surprisingly ready to purchase the shoe, which looks like a literal foot pillow athletes use when they’re injured. That must guarantee ultimate comfort, though.

On Cloud 9 — Truly, these boots are perfect for quarantine. Not only can you wear them around the house — the footwear’s textured soles make them great for running errands or grabbing groceries during miserable winter weather. Their design also makes sure no heat can escape, with the oversized upper of the shoe fitting snug when worn.

Louis Vuitton

Besides the well-structured outsole, the boots also boast other practical features like lacing to keep the shoes tight and a waterproof nylon lining to protect you from the elements. Classy as always, the slippers include Louis Vuitton’s signature monogram pattern on the collar and lining of the shoe.

Available in white, black, or khaki, the padded footwear unusually balances practicality and style, unlike some of LV’s past designs. Earlier this year, the French brand opted for opulence over safety with not one, but two luxury face coverings. First came a $961 branded face shield that supposedly blocked out the virus and the poor. Then, when asked for more protection, LV dropped a $480 mask and bandana set — that needs to be worn with another mask underneath for it to actually work. These boots, on the other hand, are something I can get behind (or into).

Procure the pillow — No pricing info has dropped on these plush pillow boots, but they’re sure to sell out quickly. Louis Vuitton is already teasing them on Twitter ahead of their release on December 2. You can secure a pair in any LV boutique, though hopefully the shoes will appear online too. Comfort is key here, and you best believe I want to order these from the luxury of my bed.

Louis Vuitton