Louis Vuitton’s NBA basketball-shaped purse only costs about $5,000

Made for the most fashionable hoops fans.

According to Louis Vuitton and the NBA’s Pre-Fall 2021 capsule, this season’s hottest accessory is a basketball. And with so much basketball apparel and sneakers to choose from, consumers haven’t had access to proper thematic bags to complete their outfits — which might have been for good reason, looking at the two’s collaborative purse.

Freshly debuted on Louis Vuitton’s website, the “Ball in Basket” bag looks just as you would expect. Letting the purse speak for itself, the brand’s website even puts it plainly: “It’s a basketball-shaped bag, inside a basketball net bag.” This basketball, however, is covered in LV’s signature monogram pattern and costs a cool $4,450.

Play (designer) ball — Labeled as “one of the most collectible pieces” in Louis Vuitton and the NBA’s collaboration, the bag is crafted from full-grain brown leather and boasts gold hardware throughout. Keeping its design authentic, the purse maintains the same size as an actual basketball, allowing room inside for headphones, protein bars, and other game-day essentials. A luggage tag has also been built into the interior, so wearers can mark the bag as theirs to avoid an inevitable LV basketball bag mix-up.

Louis Vuitton

To differentiate itself from your typical neighborhood basketball (and justify the near $5k price), the “Ball in Basket” bag sees LV’s monogram pattern debossed throughout its exterior, while the NBA’s classic red, white, and blue logo sits in the middle of the purse. Another NBA logo has been embossed in gold on the bag’s strap.

While the circular purse can be toted around in a white basketball net, a more classy matching leather strap allows the wearer to adjust their look should they go from courtside to afterparty. Despite the bag’s athletic theme, Louis Vuitton wants consumers to know the design is very “versatile,” though it may not be too practical. Then again, anyone spending $4,450 on a bag that looks like a basketball isn’t too worried about practicality.

Louis Vuitton

Look baller, for a price — The eccentric bag is sure to attract attention from basketball fans and media alike — so much so that we wish Louis Vuitton and the NBA had come up with a name better than “Ball in Basket.” Were “Basketbag” or “Baller Bag” not options?

Regardless of illogical name or design, the collaborative “Ball in Basket” bag is sure to sell out thanks to the niche market of rich (and tasteless) basketball fans. Not only will they have to pay $4,450 for the bag, but they’ll have to pay customs fees as well — the purse is currently only available on Louis Vuitton’s Hong Kong website. Let’s hope the bag can be delivered before their next courtside appearance.