Louis Vuitton has a taco truck but for luxury goods, and it'll come to you

Why get Postmates when you could get Louis?

Pre-corona, online shopping loomed over brick-and-mortar stores and threatened to usurp them. The pandemic has only settled the debate between the two, ranking online more convenient than crowded stores. But some things are better bought in person — if you’re buying a luxury item, for instance, you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. So with new lockdowns in place, Louis Vuitton is going above and beyond to ensure you can shop designer IRL by bringing the store to you.

The idea is simple: To drive sales, drive to consumers. The design, on the other hand, is more lavish. Despite being on wheels and 20 feet long, LV’s mobile store still aims to deliver the same idea of luxury and class found in any of its boutiques. All the same services are offered, except now, everything is tailored just for you.

It’s personal — Louis Vuitton has successfully made door-to-door salespeople chic. Of course, its attendants come in a pristine LV camper. The mobile store’s decorations keep it minimal with glass siding, quilted walls, cream carpeting, and a white exterior. You’ll soon feel like you’re in a real boutique... at least until you look out one of the windows.

Louis Vuitton

Each camper comes as equally stocked with attendants as it is with Louis Vuitton items. There’s a driver ensuring your bags are safe from potholes, several attendants to set up the mood (and the camper stairs), and two sales professionals to help you choose which items to purchase. Overall, the squad will help you feel at home in the mobile store, taking away the aspect that you’re literally in your driveway. In keeping with CDC regulations, only four masked people are allowed in the camper at a time.

Inside the LV boutique, you’ll find a video screen playing the recent spring 2021 womenswear show and all the luxury items you could desire. Seriously. If you’ve shopped at Louis Vuitton before — which you must have if you’re considering this service — the contents of the camper are selected based on your previous preferences. First-timers are also welcome, and the Vuitton team will style you based on the information you provide them.

You can try on any item in the store, though it’ll require the salespeople standing outside in your driveway as you change in the trailer with the blinds closed. For the socially awkward, don’t worry. Everything in the boutique already comes in the sizes you’ve requested, so trying on isn’t necessary unless you really want to see how your butt looks in those designer pants.

Louis Vuitton

Once you’ve made your final decisions and bought all the Louis you could desire, an attendant will wrap your purchases with care in Louis Vuitton garment bags and shopping bags to ensure they arrive at your home safely. Take caution on the long journey to your front door!

Booking the boutique — Granted you have a driveway big enough to host the traveling store, since you live in a mansion, you can reserve your personal LV store ahead of time. As of now, however, you must live in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut to book the service and flex on your neighbors. Don’t lose hope if you’re not in the Tri-State area though — Louis Vuitton might expand the range soon given upcoming lockdowns.

To reserve the moving boutique, email Louis Vuitton with your requests. But book fast. According to Vogue, the mobile store is a frequent sight in the Hamptons, and further health restrictions will make the personalized camper even more popular.

Pricing is disclosed upon booking, though I can imagine the bill goes into the thousands. To be fair, you are getting a personalized style edit, attendants at your beck and call, and your own store. Just make sure you’ve got enough cash left after reserving to actually buy something.

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