L’Oréal's Perso will print you custom makeup and skincare at home

In 2021, the printer will use humidity, temperature, skin analysis, and social media to create a perfect look.

L'Oréal, already known for Le Teint Particulier, its in-store custom makeup printer, has plans to cut out the retail cosmetics experience altogether. Perso is a 3-in-1 device that prints foundation, lipstick, and skincare based on environmental sensors, skin analysis, and personal preferences.

Get the Look – The company plans to use AI to personalize the cosmetics experience, so the longer you use the device, the better your results are. They'll also be feeding their app social media feeds so the device can analyze the colors and tones that are currently in style and keep your makeup kit up to date. The idea is to finally take the guesswork out of the skincare shopping experience – where consumers often have to commit to a product before they know if it works for them... or at all.

Hot or Not – With a launch date all the way out in 2021, it's unknown if the device will have the raw ingredients to actually solve the vast swath of skincare problems that plague the larger populace. Will the foundation change to fit your needs like Le Teint Particulier, or simply change the pigments in a standard formula? What will this even cost?

The details of this "particulier" product are still unknown but it's undeniable that the future of skincare and cosmetics is as customized as consumers can get, whether this device becomes the "it thing" amongst influencers or not. For L'Oréal, the financial benefits are clear: you avoid the store (and other brands), and it gets to lock you into seemingly endless beauty experimentation.