Loewe’s blanket-inspired fringed shirt shouldn't be slept on

Basically a designer version of The Comfy.

With the pandemic stunting luxury sales and selling out sweatpants, high-end brands have started designing comfortable solutions — some better than others. Madrid-based label Loewe just debuted a shirt perfect for working from home, in that you might not want to wear it out of the house. Dubbed the “blanket shirt,” the top features wool fringe and a monogram pattern.

The funky garment builds on Loewe’s recent announcement of its My Neighbor Totoro collaboration. Full of graphic tees and leather goods sporting familiar characters, the new collection drops January 8. Luckily, you can quench your desire for the blanket shirt now. It’ll keep you warmer than any Miyazaki merch.

Cloak of comfort — Crafted in Italy, the top consists of soft woolen flannel and cashmere, making it more luxurious than actual blankets you might already own. Keeping with its bedding theme, the wooly garment has an oversized fit to make the wearer feel like they’ve just rolled out of their sheets. A longline hem takes the shirt from bedroom to Brooklyn, while a large jacquard of Loewe’s logo appears on the fabric.


The blanket shirt comes in a tonal gray shade as well as a navy colorway. Although the gray keeps things symmetrical with matching dark gray sleeves and lighter body panels, the navy features contrasting blue Loewe patterns and a lighter navy on a quarter of the shirt. Alternatively, only the gray model sports a Loewe leather patch, adding to the shirt’s luxuriousness.

To balance out the formality of the top and re-establish its origins, an eye-catching fringed hem completes the blanket shirt. After all, it doesn’t get more casual than fringe in the designer world — though adding cowboy boots to the fit might be an interesting look. A wide collar, barrel cuffs, and a button-up finish help round out the ultimate business-casual shirt.


Bougiest blanket ever — While a wool and cashmere blend does sound plush, the cost of the blanket shirt disrupts the rest of its homey qualities. At $1,850, it stands around the same price as an actual oriental rug (also with fringe). If you’re more into decorating yourself than your home, however, you can buy the top on Loewe’s website. We’re sure John Mayer has this in his cart right now.

Honestly, we should have seen the blanket shirt coming. After the rise of the shacket (shirt + jacket), a WFH interpretation was expected. Now, this shanket (shirt + blanket) proves we’re only one step away from ponchos. Or are we already there?