Lil Nas X’s ‘Satan Shoes’ giveaway canceled amid Nike lawsuit

In a statement MSCHF sent to Input, we learned that hell hath no fury like Nike scorned.


Besides a “Legal Fees” tee bearing an image of Nike’s legal complaint, MSCHF hasn’t commented on the lawsuit the Swoosh has cited against it for its collaborative Satan Shoes with Lil Nas X. The brand has now sent a statement to Input, however, that claims MSCHF is “honestly surprised” by the legal action Nike has taken and it’s canceled the giveaway for its 666th Satan Shoe amid the lawsuit.

“We are not affiliated with Nike, as we have consistently iterated to the press,” MSCHF’s statement read, perhaps noting the brand was trying its best to distance itself from Nike. “We were honestly surprised by the action Nike has taken, and immediately after Nike’s counsel sent us notice we reached out but received no response,” the statement further claimed.

Done playing Devil’s advocate — While we expected MSCHF to continue trolling Nike — as Lil Nas X, who is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit, has on Twitter — it seems the brand is trying to make amends, perhaps after realizing its legal defense of parody might not win this case. “MSCHF strongly believes in the freedom of expression, and nothing is more important than our ability, and the ability of other artists like us, to continue with our work over the coming years. We look forward to working with Nike and the court to resolve this case in the most expeditious manner,” the statement read.

Since the Satan Shoes sold out in seconds, Nike has demanded MSCHF send all pairs to the company for destruction, calling for a halt in distribution. And while MSCHF contends it has sent out all pairs to consumers, one remains — the 666th pair, which the brand intended to give away on Twitter. But as MSCHF plans to comply with Nike’s legal demands, the contest has been canceled.

“Given the current circumstances, this [legal] action by Nike will also prohibit Lil Nas X’s Twitter giveaway for Satan Shoes Edition 666 from happening indefinitely. We appreciate everyone’s patience and continued support during this process,” MSCHF’s statement read.

One hell of a mess — While we’re disappointed the giveaway is canceled — it was the only way some could afford the rare, $1,018 sneakers — we understand why MSCHF is taking this action. With little defense as to why the brand included Nike’s Swoosh in its satanic creation, MSCHF needs to get on Nike’s good side in order to survive as a company. But will this be enough?

Read the full statement below.