Virtual influencer Lil Miquela is now the face of PacSun

The collab lines up with PacSun’s efforts to lean into virtual influencing and the metaverse in 2022.


PacSun’s latest spokesperson has started calling herself “the queen of the metaverse.” For all the competition that’s suddenly appeared in the space, she does boast an advantage: She already lives online.

The retailer is entering a partnership with Miquela, the internet’s first ever virtual influencer. The two will join forces on social content as well as back-to-school and holiday campaigns throughout 2022.

Miquela, also known as Lil Miquela, first gained traction on Instagram in 2016. Although she has all the features and mannerisms of any 19-year-old, the “LA native” exists solely online. Still, her 3 million Instagram followers — also known as “Miqualiens” — leave hundreds of comments on her posts complimenting her youthful look and authenticity.


The two just clicked — "I'm so excited to be working with PacSun on this campaign," Miquela said in a press release. "As a fan of their fits, vibe, and vision, I couldn't be happier to partner up as we explore what the future of fashion and culture looks like for a new generation."

PacSun took its first steps into the metaverse with a virtual store and NFT art collection earlier this year. But securing the social media phenomenon as an official spokesperson is a big win for the teen dream retailer, a connection that stemmed from their participation in ComplexLand. As the metaverse becomes a hotter topic in fashion, PacSun is hoping to strengthen its connection to its core demographic, which is exploring the digital space.


On paper — or should we say on screen — Miquela is the perfect candidate for sponsorship. She’ll never age, clothes will always fit her perfectly in advertisements, and she’ll always do exactly what you ask of her. While virtual influencers do pose a threat to the careers of IRL models, the metaverse seems to be the ideal outlet for humanoid digital creations. PacSun’s decision to enlist a virtual influencer in its upcoming campaigns, especially one as widely liked as Miquela, may open the door for other brands to follow suit.

Brieane Olson, President at PacSun, said in a release that Miquela’s involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement and in the Rally the Vote campaign align her with the brand’s core values. "Miquela has become a digital muse for PacSun, and we're thrilled to be working with a great example of a strong female advocate and inspiration,” Olson said. Miquela was also named a “most influential person on the internet” by Time.

PacSun revealed that it plans to lean more into virtual influencing and the metaverse through the end of 2022. Who could’ve predicted we’d be taking fashion advice from AI?