I tried Kim Kardashian’s TikTok-famous Skims dress. Is it worth it?

The sold-out Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress has over 110 million views on TikTok, and I needed to see what the hype was all about.

Kim Kardashian

Last time a dress went viral on TikTok, it divided the app — so when I saw another model had picked up popularity, I expected the worst. Yet thousands of users were endorsing the dress in question — Skims Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress — garnering over 110 million views on the app, selling out all models, and tallying up a whopping 46,000-person waitlist, according to Skims.

Available in size ranges from XXS to 4X and 10 different colors, the ribbed bodycon dress is made up of modal and spandex, featuring adjustable spaghetti straps. TikTok users of all sizes have praised the dress for its comfort and flattering fit, promising that even the most adamant Kim Kardashian skeptics would love the form-fitting piece.

Identifying as the latter, I was hesitant to order the slip dress: I had never ordered anything from Skims nor was I too thrilled about supporting Kim. But as sizes began to sell out while I contemplated my purchase, I made the split decision to buy the Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress. After seeing so many videos promising (and showing) an unbelievable fit, I needed to see what the hype was about myself.

Like Butter

Maya Ernest / Input
Maya Ernest / Input
Maya Ernest / Input

At $78, the maxi bodycon dress is no bargain — but if you want to channel Kim K curves, you’ve got to pay Kim K prices. Still, I had never paid that much for “elevated loungewear,” as the Skims product page describes the piece. My expectations were high.

If you want to channel Kim K curves, you’ve got to pay Kim K prices.

Upon pulling the ribbed dress out of its packaging (which was surprisingly biodegradable), it seemed too slim. I had ordered my usual size, and I didn’t want the piece to feel restrictive; after all, Skims considers it loungewear. Once I pulled the dress on, however, I immediately understood why so many of its owners had praised it on TikTok.

I paired the SKIMS Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress (in the color “Plum”) with nude heels to best channel the Kardashian vibe. Maya Ernest / Input

First off, the fabric of the dress felt like butter against my skin. I typically avoid bodycon items since I can’t stand the feeling of something tight, but the Soft Lounge Dress offered a comfortable yet flattering fit — I now see why Skims considers it loungewear. With just a simple change of shoes and accessories, the dress is able to go from a WFH uniform to a night out fit.

The piece has served as a gateway drug to other Skims styles.

The actual fit of the garment spoke for itself. While managing to be stretchy and opaque (a rare combination), the dress accentuated my curves in a way no other product had. If you’re looking for the Kim K effect (read: BBL effect), look no further.

My favorite part about the dress is how comfortable it is — having a chronic illness that causes bloating and constant pain leads me to avoid pants when possible, and the Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress feels like I’m not wearing anything at all. The stretchiness of the fabric, as well as the sultriness of the cut, makes the piece suitable for wearing whenever.

Worth it

Maya Ernest / Input
Maya Ernest / Input
Maya Ernest / Input
Maya Ernest / Input

The only complaint I have is how long the dress is. Although I’m 5’6”, the dress pools on the floor, perhaps because 5’2” Kim usually wears hers with heels. The length can easily be adjusted sans-hemming, though: A quick tug upwards prompts the stretchy fabric to ruche around your curves, maintaining its flattering fit while shortening the dress.

I’m not sure I would invest another $78 on a lounge dress — despite the results, the cost still seems a bit steep — but the piece has served as a gateway drug to other Skims styles. If they share the same comfortable yet complimentary fit, my loungewear is about to get a huge upgrade.

Of course, I’ll have to wait until the Kardashian-approved essentials are back in stock. Thanks to TikTok, most Skims pieces (including the dress) are sold out on its website, though a few sizes are lingering at retailers like Nordstrom. I’d recommend adding your name to the waitlist, and picking out the TikTok sound you want to use once your Skims order arrives.