Kim Kardashian really wrapped her $200K Lamborghini in furry Skims fabric

Kim has a little Lambo, and its fleece is white as snow.

Kim Kardashain Skims Lamborghini Urus
Kim Kardashain

True luxury is owning a $200,000 car and never driving it — something Kim Kardashian has made sure of by wrapping a Lamborghini Urus in her white Skims fabric. Altered to promote her upcoming Skims Cozy collection, the car now bears fuzzy fabric throughout its interior and exterior, even covering up the rims and a license plate bearing the Skims logo. And while it does look, well, cozy, we can’t imagine what the white Lambo would look like after a drive through Los Angeles or an encounter with Kim’s children.

Kardashian first posted images of the unique Lamborghini on Friday, June 11. “KIMMY HAD A LITTLE LAMB-BO!!! OMG isn’t this the cutest and funniest thing ever???” she captioned the post. In a video included in the carousel, she told the camera, “My new ride is here… I am actually dying. It is so cute.”

Kim breaks the internet, again — Now, before going off on a tirade about the stupidity of rich people, note that the furry car wasn't entirely Kardashian’s idea. In a video on her Instagram stories, she told fans that the Skims team had gifted her the new Lambo Urus covered in Cozy fabric. Kim also made sure to show off her and the car’s “matching” Skims Cozy outfits.

Whether the car is functional, or just a $200,000 PR stunt, is still unclear. We doubt Kardashian would risk dirtying the car — or more likely, overheating it — by driving it, and taking the fuzzy fabric off may not be an option as the Lamborghini acts as an ideal Instagram prop. Given all the outrage the car has already caused on social media, Kim will inevitably use it to promote other Skims collections.

Even Paris Hilton, Kim’s longtime friend and fellow rich person, commented on the excessive luxury of the car. “You know you’re rich rich when you can ruin a very expensive car for something like this,” she wrote in the comments, making sure to soften her tone with a tears of joy emoji. Other critics were not as thoughtful: “I can’t wait till a bird shits on this,” reads another comment.

Kim Kardashian

How long will the Lambo last? — All in all, Kim’s furry white Lambo is just another ridiculous celebrity car. And while we may never see it on the road — unlike Drake’s flashy Chrome Hearts Rolls-Royce — the Cozy car is sure to go down in history with other memorable, tone-deaf Kardashian stunts. Unfortunately, as Keeping Up With the Kardashians has ended after 20 seasons, we won’t be able to witness the inevitable day one of Kim’s children — or a bird — ruins the spotless white fur of the Skims Lambo. We’ll have to hope Kim documents the moment on social media, as she does with nearly everything else.

Kim Kardashain