Adidas and Kerwin Frost want you to wear a ridiculous, furry yeti tracksuit

But it'll cost you $650 for the full kit.

Kerwin Frost and Adidas are really testing the limits of what people will wear as a joke with the announcement of their next release. Their unusual partnership has no bore perhaps its strangest proposition yet, a yeti tracksuit more akin to something you’d find in a Halloween store.

The YTI tracksuit applies a silky faux fur to pants and a hooded top for the most over-the-top solution to staying warm in winter. Blue and white shag will indeed make you look like an Adidas-branded yeti, as three stripes are tucked into the sides of both garments and down the middle of the hood. And while we have to admit that the set is indeed hilarious, we also have to ask who the hell would actually buy it?

Putting together the full fit will cost you $650, with the top retailing for $350 and $300. It’s a high price for what’s ultimately gag apparel, and Adidas could be left holding the bag if many people aren’t willing to shell out to take part in the joke. Perhaps the top on its own could end up as something approachable enough for winter, but we wouldn’t wager on seeing many folks walking around as a full-out arctic beast.


Making Kerwin’s sneakers look tame — In the short time since joining Adidas, the comedian and influencer has already crafted one of the most memorable sneakers we’ve ever seen. Frost transformed the Forum High into an extremely creepy face with a mouth wrapping around the toes, a nose attached to the laces, and eyes hanging off the collar. Early images even showed hair hanging off the back of the shoe, but that was one detail too far for the most life-like sneakers to ever hit feet.

Together, Adidas and Frost also puffed up the iconic Superstar with an abundance of padding allowing you to wear a sneaker that looks at least 10 sizes too big. “My first shoe with Adidas is an absolute masterpiece,” Frost said of the Superstar in a press release. “We completely changed the genetics of an iconic shoe — maybe the most important shoe of all time. And this is art. This is special. This has never been done before.”

A costume-like tracksuit has never been done before by Adidas, and we’ll just have to see how many “firsts” the brand continues to let Frost get away with going forward. Look for the YTI top and pants to hit Adidas’ Confirmed app at 10 a.m. ET December 23.