Karol G’s Crocs are full of hearts for the whole Latino Gang

Barbed wire and all.

Karol G Crocs

Karol G is now a Crocs convert. To kick off her 31st birthday, she’s presenting two signature clogs that are covered in love-themed Jibbitz.

Karol’s Krocs — The Colombian singer is revamping the Classic and Mega Crush Clogs with details that represent where she’s been and where she’s going in terms of romance. The Mega Crush Clog stands on a chunky outsole that’s enhanced with black rubber treading, while the Classic Clog opts for a more traditional mold.

Karol’s custom Jibbitz charms include a barbed wire heart, multi-colored pillow hearts, a safety pin, and a “KG” branded charm. The heel straps are stamped with hearts as well to finish off the fiery red color scheme. For a bad girl edge, wearers can also customize the shoe with decorative barbed wire.


To kick off the shoes’ release and the songstress’s birthday, a mariachi band wore the clogs during a personal serenade, which she posted on her Instagram. Karol G also revealed the exclusive packaging in the Instagram video: a heart that breaks in two to reveal the left and right clogs.

Love is in the air — While the collab is representative of Karol G’s “Bichota” personality (translating along the lines of a female big shot), she expressed that the design is meant to express a message of self-love. The singer, who made headlines after ending an engagement to reggaeton artist Anuel, is all about finding love with someone who will never let you down: yourself.

The Karol G x Crocs will be available via a raffle that ends on February 18, and winners will be chosen 12 hours after the raffle ends. They may be a little late to Valentine’s Day gift exchanges, but bichotas deserve love any day of the week. Just ask Karol G.