Kanye’s super weird Yeezy Knit Runner Boot looks like an astronaut shoe

At least insulation, jagged outsoles, and ankle straps make the ugly boot functional.

 Yeezy Knit Runner Boot in "Sulfur"
House of Heat

Now that Crocs have made rubber clogs mainstream, Yeezy is ditching its Foam Runners for another round of divisive shoes. The brand’s Knit Runner, which originally dropped in September, is making a return in boot form, adding an extension to the top of the slipper akin to space boots or an orthopedic brace.

The Knit Runner Boot debuted as part of the Yeezy Season 8 2020 showcase in Paris, and has since been seen on Kanye West — now just Ye — several times. It bears a meatier outsole than its original counterpart, as well as a high-top ankle strap, but consider Kanye’s name the main selling point of the boot. We’ll admit even the perforated Foam Runners are better than these.

Not fashionable, but functional — With appearances pushed aside, functionality takes over. Insulation around the upper half makes sure warmth is retained, while a velcro fastening system at the ankle allows easy on-and-off. A hefty yellow midsole accompanies a jagged outsole, ensuring grip and comfort when walking through any nasty winter weather — although it’s unlikely anyone buying the Yeezy boot would wear it, let alone out of the house.

Yeezy Mafia

Featuring the same “Sulfur” yellow as the Knit Runner, the Knit Runner boot’s base is contrasted by a two-toned tan upper half. How (or why) Yeezy designers came up with the high-top style is unclear; the boot looks like something an astronaut baby would wear. Still, it’s expected to cost $250, and will likely resell for hundreds more. Has the streetwear market gone too far?

Who knows when you’ll get these — While Adidas and Yeezy are keeping busy releasing (and re-releasing) several designs over the next few weeks, no official announcement has been made about when the Knit Runner Boot may drop. Rumors suggest the slip-on shoe will launch on November 13 — but if you’re lucky enough to buy them, there’s no telling when they may be delivered.


Yeezy is currently facing a lawsuit in California for failing to deliver its products within 30 days, as well as failing to notify customers of the delay. If you’re hoping to gift something from the brand to someone, you may be better off buying it resale; you’re also better off picking out a shoe other than the Knit Runner Boot.