Kanye hit Yeezy Gap Round Jacket is restocking in all three colors this week

But it still looks like a trash bag.

Despite any reasonable trepidations one might have about wearing a puffer coat with the luster of a trash bag, Kanye West’s Yeezy Gap Round Jacket has been an absolute hit. The first two pre-orders for the $200 jacket reportedly raked in $7 million a pop as customers were more than willing to wait months for delivery, and now there’ll be another chance to buy the outerwear strait out of a Missy Ellliot music video.

Gap has confirmed it will restock all three iterations of the Round Jacket Thursday, bringing it back in black, red, and blue. Pre-orders will be available through the Yeezy Gap website at 8 a.m. EST December 16 and will be open for delivery across the globe. Once again, delivery won’t be fulfilled for four to six weeks — but the wait likely means Gap will make as many jackets as it can sell, removing the scarcity that all too often defines hype.


A success any way you look at it — West has been routinely spotted wearing both the jackets and hoodies from the Yeezy Gap line that just launched this year, and his partnership with the mall brand has brought fanfare never seen in this era of streetwear. From the consumer perspective, Yeezy Gap has also made West’s clothing designs more affordable and accessible than ever, a far cry from when Yeezy did apparel as a standalone brand.

So far Yeezy Gap has stuck with basics for its initial releases, albeit with the the Round Jacket proving somewhat of a challenge to pull off. The puffer coat is made out of recycled nylon with a rubberized polyurethane coating that gives it its distinctive finish, but as we’ve seen before, there doesn’t seem to be a trend too ridiculous for West to be able to initiate.

We’ll see if 2022 brings an expansion to the Yeezy Gap line with new items, but for now the once struggling should do just fine running back the same hits.