Kanye has another fugly Yeezy Gap ‘Round Jacket’ available for pre-order

Now in black and straight out of a a Missy Elliot music video.

Yeezy Gap is slowly come to life, following up its debut Round Jacket with a new black version. The eerily shiny puffer coat is made so by giving the 100-percent cotton poplin a rubberized polyurethane coating. You may recognize it from the fit Kanye West wore last week, noted for the sin of mixing Adidas shoes with Nike socks, at the Balenciaga haute couture show. Then again, you may also be thinking of the trash bag-like costume from Missy Elliot’s iconic “Supa Dupa Fly” music video.

Gap is once again taking pre-orders for the puffer, with delivery not scheduled to begin until winter. Such patience may not jive well with our culture of instant gratification, but what good would this goofy coat be sitting in your closet waiting until it’s cold enough to wear anyway? As odd as it may be, it’ll be interesting to see how people choose to style come winter — even though, in all likelihood, it’ll serve as an easy indicator of who not to talk to.


Will pre-orders be the standard? — The only two products Yeezy and Gap have released in their nascent partnership have both come as pre-orders without limitations — meaning anyone who wants one of the supremely sheeny jackets can get one.

Although it’s hard not to poke fun at anyone who wears Yeezy at this point, the pre-orders do mark a significant bid for democratization in space known for leaving out nearly everyone without a bot or a surplus of cash that enables them to turn to the resale market. Yeezy’s Adidas line has sort of followed through on West’s promise of “Yeezys for everyone,” but only with the plainest version of their sneakers. If Gap can continue to fulfill demand with its own Yeezy line, it would be a game-changer in its deviation from the widespread disappointment writ by hype.

Not everyone will be able to get the black Round Jacket, however. Pre-orders are available only in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Japan for now — but a proxy service can be your workaround for landing one anyway. Because Yeezy and Gap have suddenly announced their first two releases with no build-up, we can’t predict what’ll come next. But chances are more products from the line should be right around the corner.