Kanye’s love for Nike shines with his Yeezy ‘Red October’ Foam Runner shoe

Expected to drop in — you guessed it — October.

Yeezy Mafia

Travis Scott had his collaboration with McDonald’s, but have you ever wondered what a partnership between the fast food chain and Kanye would look like? Yeezy is giving us all a taste with a new hue of its Foam Runner clog, now set to arrive in a bright red. If Ronald McDonald was a hypebeast, you could 100 percent catch him in these kicks.

West’s newest design for his Adidas label strays from his usual look, though. While the Foam Runner fits in with its unusual design, its hot red color stands out from a slew of neutral tan and black silhouettes, most of which have just been announced for release. 2021 is shaping up to be a big year for Yeezy, with the brand already flaunting promotion from NBA player Derrick Rose and even ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Perhaps we’ll see this new model on-foot at our local drive-thru.

Red alert — As summer releases approach, Yeezy’s drops are becoming more frequent — and bizarre-looking. Ye’s previous Foam Runners, released in March, boast tan and gray shading much more muted than the upcoming model. With the $80 pairs now reselling for $520, though, plenty of hypebeasts will be looking to score the newest color scheme, no matter how bright.

Taking on the same design as its predecessors, the bright red Foam Runner features signature oval perforations on the heel and midfoot, with smaller holes near the tip of the shoe. The breathable build allows the shoe to be worn whenever and wherever, making it a great versatile option for spring and summer.

Each Foam Runner is also made of a sustainable algae-based foam, hence the silhouette’s name. This particular model is rumored to be dubbed “Vermillion,” though many are referring to the all-red look as the “Red October” color scheme after West’s 2014 Air Yeezy 2, a result of his short-lived stunt with Nike. And while this seems like an homage to the sneaker, Ye can’t officially call it one — back in 2018, when he tried to file the rights to the “Red October” name, his request was denied.

Yeezy Mafia

Even the drop date is an homage — According to reputable leaker Yeezy Mafia, the all-red Foam Runners will hit the Yeezy site sometime in October — perhaps the most obvious tribute to the “Red October” name. Much like the rare Nike sneakers they celebrate, these scarlet Foam Runners will likely become one of the most coveted silhouettes on the market, especially given their $80 retail price. Better pray to Yeezus you can cop a pair.