Kanye and Adidas are making another ultra chunky Yeezy winter boot

The NTSLD boot will arrive soon after the Knit Runner Boot.

Kanye West and Adidas appear to have the boot game well covered this winter, with two brand new silhouettes set to arrive from Yeezy. Both are oversized and quite peculiar, good news if you don’t want anyone looking anywhere but your feet.

The Yeezy Knit Runner, which made its debut in September as a two-tone slipper lookalike, has been quick makeover with an ankle strap transforming it into a boot. According to labels printed onto the knit upper, the Knit Runner Boot is waterproof — but that doesn’t guarantee it’ll look so hot when it comes into contact with moisture.

Also set to arrive soon is the NSTLD Boot, which was first shown as part of Yeezy Season 8 last year at Paris Fashion Week. The quilted silhouette has slightly more structure than the Knit Runner Boot courtesy of a cage affixed to the midsole and shaped similar to the red hot Yeezy Foam Runner. Whatever you want to say about it — “moon boot” would certainly be an apt description — it does appear quite warm and not fully an oddity for oddity’s sake.


Both boots should arrive this month — While still not officially confirmed, the Yeezy NSTLD is expected to release for $250 this Friday, November 5. For as much anticipation as Yeezy releases garner, a sudden drop still isn’t out of the question, and the original Knit Runner dropped just as suddenly just a few months ago.

The Knit Runner’s boot companion, meanwhile, will reportedly release soon after on November 13 with a price yet to be determined. It’ll most definitely be more than the $200 price tag set for the low-cut Knit Runner, but with a jagged outsole and full-length ankle strap added, you should expect a better material return for your money.

One thing’s for sure, as the Yeezy Gap Round Jackets have started to make their way out to customers, it’s going to be a weird, puffed-up winter for Kanye West and his acolytes.