Kanye’s weird Adidas Yeezy Knit Runner shoe is coming back in more colors

A “Stone Carbon” version of the slipper is expected to drop next February.

Kanye West’s Yeezy line has kept busy over the past few months, teasing a handful of new styles for winter. After debuting its sock-like Knit Runner model in a “Sulfur” color, the brand now plans to release another version of the shoe in “Stone Carbon,” a muted gray with yellow accents.

The Knit Runner, made as a cold weather alternative to the perforated Foam Runner, can be described as the hypebeast’s Ugg boot. Albeit much more limited, and harder to get, the Adidas Yeezy slipper offers similar comfort and easy styling, as well as a chunky look. Promoted by Ye himself, the Knit Runner is less likely to be paired with Starbucks and skinny jeans — but hypebeast counterparts like Aimé Leon Dore lattes and Yeezy x Gap hoodies make up for that.

Slip into something more comfortable — Pictures leaked by Yeezy Mafia detail the new Knit Runner, which still boasts two-toned details. The majority of the slipper is filled in by the gray “Stone Carbon” hue, while the dark tan collar features the shoe’s respective size. Like most Yeezy models, branding is kept to a minimum, seen in tonal fashion across the outsoles and stamped on the insole.

Yeezy Mafia

With an upper made of a single knit panel, the Knit Runner encapsulates heat and allows for easy on-and-off access — not unlike an Ugg boot. A slight indent at midfoot and matching gray chevron-patterned outsoles help shape the shoe to the wearer’s foot and provide traction, although the Knit Runner is presumably a house slipper. If Yeezy fans are interested in wearing their shoes outside of the house, they can explore the brand’s Knit Runner Boot — which is exactly what it sounds like — or its NSTLD Boot, a quilted boot already modeled by Justin Bieber.

Dropping next year — Yeezy has a growing list of shoes dropping at the end of this year, pushing the gray Knit Runner’s release to 2022. The “Stone Carbon” iteration is expected to launch globally next February, marking the first time the model has released outside of the U.S. Pairs will be available at Yeezy’s website, as well as select Yeezy retailers, for $200 — granted you’re fast enough to cop a pair for retail price.

Yeezy Mafia