Kanye has another crab-looking Adidas Yeezy 450 sneaker on the way

The tough exoskeleton is meant to keep out the haters.

Yeezy Mafia

Yeezy is hitting the ground running in 2022. As the calendar flips the page, Kanye and Adidas are readying their next set of Yeezy sneakers, and first on the list is a “Sulfur” Yeezy 450.

Kanye West and Adidas’s Yeezy shoes have always strayed from the path most traveled when it comes to sneaker designs. When the outrageous 450 — and its accompanying Slide — debuted in 2021, it opened the door to meme after meme because of its resemblance to Chinese dumplings and Mexican chicharrón snacks. However, if there’s one thing Kanye West fans do best, it’s support Yeezy’s every endeavor.

The hype is chemical — Official photos are still yet to be seen, but thanks to mock-up photos by Yeezy Mafia, the sneaker will arrive in a bright yellow color scheme reminiscent of its chemical namesake. The Primeknit upper and foam outsole are coated in the “Sulfur” shade, while the laces opt for a more earthy tint. Unlike the thick Boost cushioning that’s found on other Yeezy sneakers, the 450 uses the famed EVA ribcage-like outsole that stretches up to the ankle.

Yeezy Mafia

This is the fourth iteration of the Yeezy 450, following the “Cloud White,” “Resin,” and “Dark Slate” versions that released last year. Resell prices on StockX haven’t strayed too far from the original retail number, so if you’re truly a Yeezy enthusiast, “Sulfur” shouldn’t be too hard to come by.

The Yeezy 450 in “Sulfur” is predicted to drop on the Yeezy site and select stockists come April. Expect a retail price of $200 and get a matching pair for the whole family since it’ll probably be available in full-family sizing, too. If your 2022 resolution was to step up your sneaker game, why not start with the sneaker that resembles a radioactive pork bun?

Yeezy Mafia