Kanye says he's 'head of Adidas,' vows to fix 'trash' Puma sneakers

Under what authority?

Patrick McMullan/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Kanye West has taken a break from his week-long crusade against the record industry to announce a dubious plan to bring together Adidas and Puma. Claiming he's the "head of Adidas," West tweeted that he will "personally design" for both brands and "make everything ok." As part of this apparent takeover, he'll also reunite with Jay-Z, who's been signed to Puma since 2018.

In this brash proclamation that exists entirely in the imagination of West is a kernel of truth. He called all Puma designs "embarrassingly trash" — harsh but difficult to argue with. As head of Puma basketball, Jay-Z hasn't exactly led a renaissance. And the most prominent person signed to the division isn't even a basketball player, it's J. Cole.

Last we checked, Adidas still has a CEO — Kasper Rørsted has been the CEO of Adidas since 2016, and West's claims do nothing to change that. This is just the latest example of West speaking out of his ass, and in an ideal world, we'd just let the comments pass like the wind.

Not only is West not the "head of Adidas," he doesn't even have a seat at the board. That's been a recent complaint of his, but his revived flirtation with Nike isn't going to help his cause. Why would Adidas want a board member who's publicly asking to wear Jordans, let alone one who's so clearly unhinged?

For his part, Jay-Z doesn't seem to want much to do with West either. It's been a long time since they've been brothers in arms, and another deranged tweet isn't going to change that.

That said, Jay-Z's own Puma sneaker was largely forgettable. West may not be the answer to Puma's woes, but the brand certainly still needs help to become more appealing if it's going to compete with Adidas, let alone West's first love, Nike.