JW Anderson made a pink penis pouch for you to put your money in

A leather coin pouch with some vigor.

JW Anderson is no stranger to the penis. The British fashion label has juiced the phallus in a variety of methods for keychains pierced, foiled, and gold foiled. For a nominal degree of plausible deniability, there are even “cactus,” “mushroom,” and good ole “eggplant” shaped keychains to garner second glances. And if you’re really about that penile life, it’s now time to put your money where your, well, you know is.

A penis-shaped coin purse is the cream of the crop of JW Anderson’s FW21 accessories. Measuring ~5 inches from the base of the balls to the top of the head, the leather pouch comes with a branded zipper, tonal stitching, and a matching leather strap for you to wear proudly around your neck. It comes in black, brown, and pink and should provide more pleasure than the sum value of the change it can contain.

Here in the States, JW Anderson’s more than suggestive accessory may be too much to handle for our prudish disposition and relative annoyance when it comes to change. But in Europe, where the coin is quite literally more valuable and attitudes more progressive, the leather member will be clearly handy.

JW Anderson
Machine A
JW Anderson

Get your five inches — JW Anderson’s website has the pink and brown pouches in stock for $335 apiece, and you can head to Machine A if black is more your style and shave $30 off the price tag.

Since we’re talking tiny accessories — no, I’m not shaming anyone — the infamous Jacquemus bag comes to mind and will make JW Anderson’s coin purse seem more reasonable in context. The former costs at least $400, provides less storage space, and, crucially, is merely shaped like a familiar handbag. For nearly 25 percent less, you can get more bang for your buck and a shape less mundane.

That’s a little thing called thinking with your head — and not the one down south.